Love the one you’re with

10-romantic-german-phrases-impress-crush  Take the time to peruse ideas gathered by thousands of individuals on the web. Pinterest is a great place to find and keep your ideas stored and organized. You can create public and “secret” boards that house the various knick knacks and do dads your heart desires. Sharing these boards will allow others to get to know you and your style. Developing these boards allows you to get to know yourself.

To sidestep budgetary issues, take the more creative and inexpensive route by locating all the accouterment you want, no matter the cost. It’s free to pin the images, color schemes and accents to a page that you can return to later and edit. The editing process is two fold: first you have to decide which ideas to keep, then you have to commit to bringing these high-end expressions to reality. marriagecertificate

This is not an easy process either way. It’s not as simple as paying a wedding planner or buying an inclusive package. It’s also quite over-whelming to consider a DIY event when you and your partner are the main attraction. The wedding certificate is the most important item of the day in that it confirms the marriage is official. It must be signed by the officiant, those being wed and a witness (this should be done in black ink). The officiant should mail the certificate to the City Clerk as soon as possible. All the other stuff is extra.

simple-outdoor-country-wedding-ideasSo what is it worth? The celebration of celebrations…it is yours to do with what you will. Be inspired! Go out on a limb. Select a dress you’d never imagine having purpose to wear. Select a suit that shows edge and personal flare. Find party favors that commemorate the day and remind your guests of the fun they had. Make charming memories for you and your loved


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