The Walk: Who escorts the bride?

My first piece of advice is to make sure

you know how to walk down the aisle yourself before you enlist support.  Practice in those beautiful and expensive shoes. Make sure you use your normal walk and not pretend to be a floating princess or a surly cowboy. Pictures will be taken.  Video will be shot. Who do you want by your side?

Most people I know ask their fathers (if they are alive and able) because traditionally the man gives away his property…I mean,  the father gives away his daughter.  I’ve seen wonderful mothers take this responsibility, as well as brothers, cousins, uncles and step-parents.

But what if you don’t want any one to accompany you on your journey towards your life partner? In a traditional ceremony, the minister will ask “who gives this woman away (to be wed)?” and the responsible party says “I do” and sits down. I imagine, personally, that this individual is very close to the bride. To be “given away” to another family and a new life is pivotal.

Yet this still can fall under pomp and circumstance. Today our circumstances are so different and wide ranging that this pomp could really just be gone with the wind. And with multiple marriages, what meaning does it bring to be given away over and over.

The only reason I’d want someone to walk me down the aisle is for stability. Unless they’re the perfect pair, danger looms at every step. I have a phobia of falling face forward, usually down

stairs, but suffice it to say this will be avoided. The requisite daddy/daughter walk and subsequent dance is not on my menu. I know this will alleviate anxiety and the frustration that tradition for traditions sake can bring. Make this celebration your own. Create new traditions and consider the old ones that mean something to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Walk yourself down the aisle. Walk in strength, pride, and beauty as you take in the special moment: giving yourself to your partner.


sister dora

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