5 Reasons We Love Lists

Whomever plans the nuptials,  lists serve as a great way to ensure you keep track of potential inventory and completed tasks.  There are apps and templates that can help you stay organized. Here are 5 Reasons we love lists…

1. Lists give us a sense of security. Even if things don’t get done during its given time period,  at least you have a piece a paper that says you’re gonna get there. Potentially.

2. They allow us to appear to have ideas that make sense. No one is reading your list  (unless it’s your job) so fake it till you make it. At some point it’ll all come together. Red, gold, and green may only make sense in your dream.

3. At this point you wonder if the advice in a list is actually giving you new ideas. Maybe the title was jazzy or the topic was relevant, but when you read the material it left you with #listgoals.

4. The list is more than half way complete. You feel a sense of satisfaction and consumption.

5. This is the last piece of advice, the final point to make. I love lists but I find that there are so many out there. They are only to catch our attention. Providing relevant and practical information is the benefit of the list. Not hype.

That’s my list about lists. Make decisions during the development of your wedding requires clarity and organization. Just try to avoid the black hole of ideas grouped together for bit size satisfaction.

sister dora

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