Presidents and Their Wives

It is truly an embarrassment when our political players move away from critical discussions about the country and the world and begin to take shots at their personal lives. I do not condone most of what these people do because I still have a connection with my soul and humanity. So I’m wondering if these talking heads recognize how misogynistic they are and if it’s relevant.

I don’t want the leader of my city, let alone my country, to think of women as consumable objects. It’s obvious that ideas turn to actions and these actions will turn into hateful, restrictive policies such as the law recently passed in North Carolina. Now candidates Trump and Cruz move from discussing hand size to the feminine worth of their wives. A smart woman vs a beautiful woman. A virtuous woman vs a sexualized woman. Let’s break this virgin/whore dichotomy. Mrs. Cruz and Mrs. Trump are both wives and mothers. They should only be discussed as it pertains to the work they will be doing for the American people. At this point even their husband’s ideas are irrelevant.

The public that feeds off of this Republican rivalry needs to take a step back and regroup. Channel this energy into the reality of what a Presidential leader should be in present day. I don’t care if Presidents had crazy beef back in the day. It only serves to justify what these potential candidates are doing.

Now I realize we’re not listening to Thich Nhat Hanh meditate on our creative, boundless potential or the virtues of loving-kindness (but if you want to he’s on Twitter). However, the Pope and the Dalai Lama both have remarked on the divisive speech coming from these men, specifically Trump (all on Twitter).

Married people fail their jobs all the time. Whatever their responsibilities in their relationship, it is up to each individual to work hard to be honorable. How do these candidates honor women in this lame discussion? Who are they to decide which woman is more valuable? How did their camps come to the conclusion that these men are worthy of representing the nation? And I have a sneaking suspicion this is not about our needs but the wants of a small few. We need to require our politicians be anti-sexist, refusing to hide behind misogynistic micro aggressions. Be bigger. Call it out as wrong instead of retaliating with a low brow attack. And then we vote for these people to represent freedom, equal rights and justice!

This is exactly why marriage equality and other civil rights issues are so important to address with hearts of compassion. Sometimes getting married is a revolutionary act. Speaking out on injustices will only help us reaffirm what it means to be a member of this country.

Clap back 👏 and HONOR 💞your wife, husband, lover or partner today! And remember…


sister dora

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