The Color of Your Celebration


No matter the type of celebration you are creating, choosing a color scheme is essential to sustaining the mood. It doesn’t take a large budget to develop a theme that contains several colors and a few choice accessories. This is true for each season and the personality of the hosts. For Spring 2016, the following colors are suggested:


How can you incorporate these on tend hues into your special day? It doesn’t take a saturation of color and accents to set the mood. Style elements develop a tone that is both fun, sophisticated and undeniably you. Whether or not you follow trends, select colors that highlight the energy you wish to share with your party goers. And your event space doesn’t have to look like a swatch from a paint store. Find inspiration in magazines and fashion outlets, but make sure to insert your sense of flare.

Below are some examples of how to develop the color throughout your festivity.

If you’re going to an event, take some notes from these suggestions. You’ll stand out without looking like you have no idea what year it is.

But we’re not looking for perfection, we’re looking to have fun in a great looking environment. The more comfortable you and your guests are the better time they’ll have. All the Instagram photos you could wish for, highlighting everything your friends and family love about your celebration.


sister dora

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