Lips and Lashes: Cosmetics Review


Of course you want to look your best for your celebration. For a wedding, preparations start at least a year in advance, especially if the event is an event. This calls for event prep and personal prep.

In the personal preparation department, I have two very useful products that I highly recommend you try out. For engagement, pregnancy and even pre-wedding photoshoots try out Loreal’s Infallible Lip Color. This lip

product is a cross between a lip gloss and lip stick. It includes two components: lip color and moisture stick. If you live a New York life and make sure your outfits transition from day to night then this is the product for you! Unless your lips are often dry, you rarely need to use the chap stick. If you do need to reapply during an 8+ hour day, the unit holds both lip products and acts as a mirror for easy application. I love this product because it outlasts the competition, it doesn’t crack or cake and it’s easily removed with makeup remover. Try out different colors you see which fits you and especially the theme/colors you’ve chosen.


The second product is Skinology’s Eyelash Serum. This is a high end cosmetic, however you can purchase it for huge discount on various websites. I  bought mine through Amazon with an original price of $139.95 and a current purchase price of $18.75. HELLO! Makes me want to buy another one right now but I still have plenty serum left. If you use it every day you may run out in a couple months. If you use it day and night on both your lashes and eye brows you may go through it more quickly, but it’s still going to last a while.

Better than the discount is that Skinology’s Eyelash Serum works! This image

tiny bottle lasts and it will grow and expand your lashes just like mascara (without the mess). Follow the directions to be sure you do not harm yourself and try not to forget you put it on and rub your eyes.

By the time you have any event to attend, your lashes will look like falsies. Paired with Loreal’s Infallible Lip Color you’ll look like an unstoppable diva.

Enjoy! 😗💋💡

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