2016 has Separated, Divorce Pending


Only if it will make you happy. As it has some.

This has been a rough year to say the least. It only makes it that much more devastating when pop culture icons (actors, musicians, singers, artists, writers, and all those behind the scenes) die off in droves. You could mark each month by their passings. We keep asking 2016 to stop but time waits for no man.

Between 2015 and 2016 I have known 7 people of varying ages to cross over. Some due to health reasons, some unkown. My fiance’s friend was hit by a drunk driver from a party he DJ’d that very night. This occurred a week after I was informed another one of my former students passed. Cause unknown. Some of these individuals were family, others friends and a few co-workers. The gravity of each may have struck me in varying ways but the loss is still the same. There are only days left, but with the news of George Michael dying on Christmas Day, his “last christmas”, I think anything is possile.

My Abuelita died in August 2015. My cousin and I became engaged within a month of one another the following Winter. Later that year my cousin discovered that her own grandmother was dying of the same disease. BUT, the wonderful and curious part of it all was that she was planning her own wedding. I remember when her husband died when we were children. A great man. And here was love and committment again and she was going to die anyway. She did. But not before she took her vows. I hope this expression of life’s difficulties causes my cousin to strengthen her relationship with her soon-to-be husband and not recoil into the obvious “everything has an ending” ideology.

There are tons of reasons not to get married, especially in light of the new changes in our government and the fluxuation in the economy. STILL, I want people to know that, if this is what will make them happy in light of the darkness and defaults we face with a stiff spine I would be happy to help them.

All children recognize that beginnings and endings exist in the same moment. They are curious about how a story starts…and then they know to look for the answers and the ending before it’s even really begun.

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