A Family Affair: Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

The following tweet shows mother and daughter, together, grasping hands (posted by Lea Michele). 


It is indicative of what never giving up and never letting go means. Debbie Reynolds died within a day of her daughter, Carrie Fisher. So many people, of all generations are morning the loss of such immense talent. Even Zsa Zsa 

Gabor recently passed and, on Christmas day, along with George Michael, her son dies in a motorcycle accident. 

The intensity of these passings is difficult but seems to be a necessary part of this year of obstacles. It is opening us up and breaking us apart. It is the arrival of the feminine, of loss and grief. 

My hope is that we do not ignore or forget the great pains we feel but acknowledge that, even if they follow us into 2017, they bring with them the enlightenment of life and death in a single moment. The heart mattering above all else. The lotus blossoming from its murky waters. Mother and daughter meeting on an even plane as exactly the same.

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