Writing Can Be Hard

Most people write their own vows or use traditional templates to express their devotion. But sometimes it can be hard to put in to words the feelings and experiences you’ve shared with this person, especially during a public ceremony.

There’s no shame in asking for help. Speeches, vows, and poetry or spiritual verses are used in various parts of the wedding ritual. Knowing which ones you use or where to look can be daunting and confusing. You may find you’ve added more rather than appropriate  sentimental expressions to the event. 

Then there’s winging it. Not preparing anything beforehand, written or recorded any where. The notion is that the person will be able to improvise with great inspiration on the spot. Sadly, we’re not all trained for the stage. Know what you want to include rather than hoping you’ll remember.

It is entirely possible to all your officiant for assistance in this area. It makes it all the more interesting and better if your celebrant enjoys writing and has listened to your Love Story. The depth of the writing should be gleaned from the counseling preparation sessions and couple’s questionnaire. However, if you are using a particular Officiant or Pastor and still require help, please reach out. 

Depending on the piece of writing, I can compose drafts for a nominal fee and final products for a fair, fixed price. I love to negotiate with couples that may require more help with fewer resources.

Be well. Leave the writing to me.

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