Your partner may be a misogynist…

Disclaimer: This list comes from nowhere specific and is about no particular couple. Your partner may be misogynistic in nature and you are on the other end of the experience. The notion of “hating womxn” seems harsh but it is something experienced on a daily basis in micro and macro aggressions. Womxn, here, can include the other, the partner that feels stuck, minimized, neglected and misunderstood.

Your partner may be a misogynist…

  • If they assume you need an answer rather than an active listener.
  • If they ask you to share your ideas when they begin multitasking.
  • When they can describe in detail an inappropriate intimate act with a total stranger in under 1:30sec but won’t ask about your day.
  • When they can’t recall basic information about you in a game of trivia.
  • If bitches always be the problem.
  • If they live in fantasies that involve them doing mostly nothing and you having a choice of whether to work or not (you have to work, they chose to “take care of you”).
  • If they are the first priority.
  • If they are in control of personal information they can use against you.
  • If the personal information is used as a bargaining chip to manipulate you.
  • If you feel invisible.
  • If they get in your face and yell.
  • If they throw a lit cigarette.
  • If they’d rather you be happy with them than them be alone. 
  • If the notion of separation or space automatically means you don’t know what to do with your agency or sexuality.
  • If they show parasitic tendencies.
  • If they cannot fathom the act of sacrifice 
  • If they look at this list and begin justifying, compartmentalizing, or basing their ideas solely on opinion, cultural influence & feeling and not fact.

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