Babylon taught me a lot about relationships with men. Specifically. This has nothing to do with queer relationships per se but rather expectations placed on women by men. 

It’s a wonder why women care what men think. It seems that the men who will listen to women hook up with the women who don’t care and vice versa. Then we make these blanket statements about how people are supposed to perform their genders. So caring about what men think is like asking if you turn the blender blades by hand. Useless. Mindless. Dangerous.

I have yet to find someone who I feel is a soul mate or spouse. Not even a partner anymore. I wanted to but it seems that some people can bury themselves so deep beneath their pain that they don’t even know you. They don’t even care to know you. Much of this could be about thinking they know you because time equates to knowledge. Nope. Time just passes or doesn’t and it still remains he can’t tell anyone your favorite anything.

Suppose you were told that a man wanted you to smile and laugh at them the way you do with others. What’s the problem here? First, it assumes she doesn’t want the same thing. Second, it tells them that they are not enjoying each other’s company as much as before. Why not? Maybe they know each other enough now to know they don’t want to learn anymore. Maybe one has betrayed the other and misspent their heart and spiritual and emotional currency. Betrayal isn’t always infidelity. Infidelity isn’t always the biggest problem, but if you make it the pinnacle “line in the sand” then there’s still a lot of room to make mistakes you can’t undo.

Babylon has taught me about how people function. It’s taught me there’s nothing new under the sun. Patience is a virtue and a saboteur. When do you consider the ex-factor? Or is that you? 

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