The cultural differences between people may be a lot to contend with once the relationship gets deeper. Initially, these differences are adorable or altogether ignored due to blindness. But, when we become mindful and self-aware, we have the capacity to actually deepen the friendship with our partner. Possibly. Or we could alienate them because they were not prepared to grow and transform with us.

Trying in a coupling could look like nothing to the untrained eye, when in fact, work is being done in the silent moments. You may not be sure what will happen or if your efforts matter at all. All efforts matter. They accumulate. Just because one relationship fails doesn’t mean the next one will. Just because you learned to open yourself up to someone because they made it safe enough doesn’t mean you get to keep them for life. Take the healing. Take the lesson. Move forward always.

Erase the face of the shame and the pain you carry like sun kissed skin. Womxn often teach mean what they are allowed to do. Be open, sensitive, emotionally intelligent. Or the opposite. And we can sit next to one another and the silence should tell us there is no more silence necessary. What can’t you see? What do you hide under the hood? Who said you were the Iron Fist? And where do I fit in? Do I fit because you carved an out an ill conceived notion of who I am and what we could be?

Culture encapsulates so much. Right now, we can use popular culture to dictate what we are wiling to support with our money. We can share our ideas through the discussion of bad big budget films or a politician being destroyed by the average Jo-Anne. But don’t get divorced over it. It would be a terrible revelation that late in the game that your partner doesn’t feel as you do? Know who you are with before you make a commitment you cannot rescind.

Reduce your suffering. Wake up.

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