2017 The Year that Was

The children in this picture had no idea what 2017 would be like. It was an intangible future that could only be realized through movies and imagination. There are many professionals pictured here, a doctor, even, and the kid wearing the shirt that says Lee is named Lee. I have three cousins in this picture and I don’t talk to any of them for any particular reason.

It seems that with the year ending everyone is reflecting on the positives of what 2017 brought them. Perhaps it’s too clear and too much of a daily reminder to reflect on the negatives. There are too many and no therapist on site. This picture is a reminder that the past was and the future will forever be the thing we are walking towards.

If you could only be five again, but then again being five wasn’t perfect.

2017 put a fire under my ass to work hard and be recognized for that. I attempted to manage my life but the changes kept coming. I’ve always either been a student or teacher so I gauge my year by whether or not I’m in school. The beginning of the year is September the end of the year is June. However, if I’m looking at 2017 from January to December I have no idea what transpired. I’m sure I got myself in trouble at work. I built two new units for freshman. Still no work doesn’t validate itself. The emotional well-being of my students is of the upmost importance and it seems that they are all losing their shit at the same time. So I think we went from worse to worst. We are all a little broken right now which is completely fine, but it’s quite difficult to be broken and putting other people back together.

I look forward to the positive changes that will take place in my life. I’ve learned a lot about the threats that impact the lives of so many people who are ignored on a daily basis. Sneaking on the bus to beat the fare. Living check to check. Medical mysteries. Refusing to ride in an ambulance. Living in a food desert. Move to another food desert. Health care. Mental health. 2017 might have been the year to admit my job has developed some sort of PTSD I have to face.

I am determined to take care of the things I’ve been ignoring because my job took precedence over my life. Once you owe people money, for that degree you earned, you don’t feel free until you’ve paid it off.Student loan collectors are relentless–I took care of it. Now I need to continue working towards abundance and mindfulness and always appreciation.

I am also determined to be more patient with myself and free myself from anything that has bound me to rejection. I definitely have an unhealthy relationship with rejection. As much as I can explain that young men have to face rejection as they grow up and approach individuals as a part of life; I can’t seem to bring myself to let go of the validation of others. I believe once this is not a part of my job, where my work truly speaks for itself, i’ll be able to separate criticism from personal evaluation.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy and fabulous new year! If we don’t have our own fabulousness then what do we have? 2018 here we come.

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