🌤A New Beginning🌈

Kisses from a-broad.

It’s taken a couple months to write again. Many personal and professional happenings needed to run their course. It was more important to be mindful of what was taking place than to document the narrative.

I find it is important to take time to refine oneself, polish the stone with wind or water, shaping and changing. I’m sure this can be agreed upon. However, the how in “taking time” is very personal. It’s unique to you alone. The most loving partner can only support this process that they themselves cannot avoid.

The more difficult circumstance is contending with these transformations without support. The crux is that new beginnings occur whether we ask for them or not. Our preparation must come in the form of daily living. Constructive habits that contribute to the lifestyle and wellbeing we want to project. This contribution is not always found in huge efforts to radically alter our existence but small, progressive attitudes and actions that benefit our overall desires.

What would the post card read if I wrote myself a note at the culmination of that short journey? It would be curt and unimaginative. I learned that quiet and pain and fear have a crucial relationship with one another. Many moments of pain can make one moment of relief, like ecstasy. You hold on to that slight freedom and make believe all the things you’ll accomplish. Success becomes a smile and a laugh before the rush of discomfort overtakes the previous aim.

It’s not over. It’s just begun to attack everything you had once maintained as right. As doable. One day turns to one week, then two, and the realization that change is far from a choice is shouted in your ears. It’s deafening.

After it changes you, be prepared to discuss those changes with your people. Those closest to you should know you are not who you used to be, pretended to be or maintained yourself as…tell ’em who you are now. The reel running your show in their head probably needs editing and an update. Sure, you are still the same essential you, but now you’ve been forced to evolve and see your transformation for what it is…about time!

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