Change Your Address: When Dialogue is Not Enough

Dialogue is the cornerstone of creating community. While our communities contend with the antagonisms of today, it is up to each member of the community to take it upon themselves to make an effort. Still, it can be exhausting to be one of few people exerting themselves in this way. In this event, take consideration of the resistance you encounter. If you employ all tactics of peaceful and creative discussion then you may simply have to make your exit.

Too often this is where we get stuck in the conversation about having meaningful dialogue. It’s not about relinquishing proper information, but knowing when the listener is not able to gain anything from the exchange. This is probably also when you may begin to feel a bit depleted. Once you begin to feel energy being drained from your efforts it’s wise to withdraw. The other person is worth the time but it is crucial we know when to cut it off.

Awareness of a persons capacity to receive information is just as important as having the information they need. This knowledge can save you from over exerting yourself in the thankless position as martyr. I’m sure you will gain more respect from knowing when and where to draw the line than engaging in an anger fueled “I’m right!” fest.

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