🥀 Change the Soil He Said 🌹

It’ll do you good to change the soil in your plants because it will help them grow better. Taller. Wider. Brighter. It’s imperative to pay attention to how long your plant has been in the same dirt. Is the dirt doing anything for the plant or is it simply mud when wet? The same is true for people and I give credit to Skylarity for pointing this out at least a year ago.

I literally had plants that weren’t doing well. They obviously needed more something. I got plant mix and shifted the roots and gave a new land to a variety of life I easily kill. I do not have a green thumb, like my mother. But that’s another story. The plants began to thrive and grow and stretch. I was happy.

Then someone took the remaining soil without my knowledge and potted their own plant. It grew tall and wide and shown its leaves like rubies. My plants, no matter the loving caresses and kind words, held theirs haunches but sagged under the lack of nutrients.

The same went for me. I withered in the home I lived in, the life I created. I had changed the soil of my plants and had seen that transformation was possible. But for people, changing your life can be a great alteration. It requires a transition, or one of many, that may damage, if not kill, the roots. This was what I was contending with and could not fathom. Do I shift my thinking and then act on those thoughts to put myself first or somewhere nearer the front? Do I finally have enough hutzpah to follow through and leave? I needed new soil to plant myself into and grow without reserve.

This time I will keep my soil tilled and replenish the nutrients. Dead earth yields no crops. It is dust and hardness. I was ashamed I allowed myself to languish in the shadow of a corner with no light to offer. Attended to as if shade would help a desert seed sprout and bloom.

I once believed myself a ghost orchid, but now I know I’m more of a succulent. I need soil. Even if that soil is nourishing another unit of foliage, I will ensure I take my share of what I require to thrive. I am here to thrive. I understand that better now. Surviving is what we do. Period. Thriving is doing something beneficial with the life we’re given.

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