Celebrity Declarations and the Unaffected Patriarchy 🤦🏽‍♀️

The Opinion by Marcie Bianco https://apple.news/A2Dv1iW5MRAK_i8BROruxyg is a well written piece. It is consistent in many ways. It does not, however, in my opinion, support it’s claim. It just makes one. Basically, Miley Cyrus and Julianne Hough are disrupting the Patriarchy by telling the public (and their partners 😮) that they aren’t heterosexual. 😳🤯

This, unfortunately, will not bring about the Queer femme or QPOC future that our elder sisters were writing about in the 70s and 80s. They were already writing about their lives and what would or should change in the future…which is NOW. Which was before either of these women were born. So many stories and true lives lived in the shadows. We can go back to the 1800s but I think the 1500s would be jealous. I digress.

The author claims that Cyrus and Hough are raising queer visibility by making these declarations and asserting control over their sexuality. Perhaps. For some. For others, these proclamations are merely fodder for articles and discussions and gossip columns and speculation on who they will date next. I wonder if, when Hough and her husband divorce, it will be due to this or “irreconcilable differences”.

When I read Hough’s blurb on revealing to her husband, “you know I’m not straight, right” I about death dropped and dislocated my hip. It sounded like she was telling him she didn’t like mangos and wasn’t sure if she’s ever said it out loud. But then again, Julianne hasn’t always made the best entrance or choices.

Miley seemed to repeat that she’s not the normal anything but grew her hair out, highlighted it and married Liam in a pretty normal looking wedding dress. The public doesn’t need to hitch their wagon to these women and the idea of what their “freedom from Patriarchy” will offer. The quotes embedded throughout the piece support this but do not challenge the intersections that stop the rest of us from proceeding.

Must I even ask…what of these dudes? Seriously, what’s up with heterosexual men that bullshit their way through a relationship with bisexual or queer identifying femmes? That’s the question. I’m curious to know what they think. That might be the break right there. But what a little crack. Just a broken heart 💔.

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