Get Out of My Train

It is easy to convince yourself that you know what’s going on. That you can control the outcome. That there is an outcome. There’s just an ever-going-on of happenings that changes, alters daily. And we forget. This is meant to forge us; melt and bend and beat into shape something that thought itself Shaped.

I created this blog so that I would have a space to write. I created this blog because I had lost a position at a job and hoped becoming a wedding officiant or event planner would be a new outlet. A space where I could share… but apparently everyone else is sharing too. Trying to creep into a billion dollar industry that sees inter-generational differences between being married multiple times and never being married at all. 

Those of us coming from the most authentic corner of ourselves can create the audience for whom the words are meant. I didn’t do that. What I did do was create a space to remind myself to celebrate. To celebrate the births and the deaths. To celebrate partnerships and anniversaries. Ultimately to offer a service to the underserved and often ignored LGBTQIAA community, who, through adversities of all kinds, want to be married and cannot find someone to perform the rites.

I used Twitter. When I wrote a blog post I would send it out and see if the World would notice. Even one person was enough. But the tweet that got me the most attention was for the death of one of my students. And that notion is not lost on me. That at that time, my most noticeable contribution was to mourn a student I couldn’t save. 

This is not an advertisement. This is a reminder that we all want different things and that sometimes we walked paths that took us different places. The stars in the heavens telling us that we missed opportunities and that we may have to wait years for the fortune to manifest again. I do not have years to wait for my fortune to manifest. I am my fortune. 

The Jewel has been sewn into my robe this entire time. I knew it. You probably know how unique and special you are too. That you’ve had your gifts the entire time. Now, what are we going to do with them?

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