Keep Saying “I do”

It’s a celebration this leap year! My college roommate from freshman year just got married…to the man she’s been with for 20 years.

Since what happened in between is her story I’ll leave that to the Mrs.’ with the new last name. And three kids. The first entering our lives at the last weeks of our first year.

All those years, knowing someone and working through the youthful confusions. This is not a recommendation, this is a celebration. Of my sister. Of a sister to many; who all believed she she should have not only what she wanted but deserved.

The first time I signed on to Facebook, years ago, they were a family of 5. Picked up from California and moved to Texas and had twins. A new life. Another change.

Years later I’ve returned to Facebook and discover she’s married! I’m often not overtly joyful for people when they marry because it’s a robotic social behavior of younger people to feel marriage means closure to one part of life and the beginning of another. And sometimes it is. You are always evolving and this is critical in a relationship as a shared experience even if it’s different for each person.

But as our parents would love to say “you ain’t no spring chicken anymore”. Well these chickens are free range and pardoned.

This is what some mean by hope. Life begins at…the age you recognize it.


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