Retrograde: What’s taking you backwards?

As strong as we are, as resilient as we have been, undoing those childhood traumas, the karmic loops, the Groundhog’s Days; we are in need of some Self Love reminders:

  1. Anything is possible (at any time).
  2. You can say Yes! to what you are afraid of.
  3. You can say No. to what has not brought you joy.
  4. You will always go through cycles. Time doesn’t care if you think you’ve matured and grown beyond something.
  5. Reminders, even painful ones, are just reminders.
  6. You are allowed to feel you feelings. Triggers are just that, instigators.
  7. Yes, the Moon is totally messing with you. Face it.
  8. Love that I’m still a part of the Universe, the cosmos is in all of us.
  9. I want to see my next birthday with immense gratitude and awareness.
  10. Get or Renew your Library Card! Seriously!

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