Memories: In the Covid19 of My Mind

How many diseases is it going to take to help us realize we are mortal? Mortality exists everyday, not just when a pandemic exposes the holes in our social infrastructure.

Now the hypochondriacs and those suffering from OCD will no longer be laughed at. We’ll remember the people who stockpiled toilet paper as if they were living in a Bunker. As I suspect, toilets are not the problem.

Fear and anxiety spread like any disease. It’s worse. It existed before the dis-ease and it will exist after. What we do with it now is most important.

I will be creating a series of mindfulness readings and affirmations that are directed towards the release of tension as well as ways in which the brain can come to retain these positive neurological pathways.

It’s not an easy process. Changing ones brain isn’t simple and may require multiple therapies. My goal is to provide recordings of these in the near future so that you may listen and relax versus read and contemplate.

My 💜 is with all of us who suffer from physical and mental illnesses that will be greatly impacted by the changes we are currently adjusting to as well as with those who doubted we could feel these ways on an average day.

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