Wasted Talent: Calling for Submissions

Two things you learn from A Bronx Tale: if she opens your locked car door- she’s a keeper and there’s nothing worse in life than wasted talent.

Well, if you believe you’ve wasted your talents, whatever they may be, here are a series of affirmations directed towards acknowledging them and how we can train our brain to better deal with the notion of missed opportunities and goals yet to be met.

Shift in Cognition: I am a creative being

Begin breathing in…I remind myself I am.

I am a creative being. I am created from the elements of the universe. With each deep breath, I expand my Self.

The Self is not a job. The Self is cosmic. I inhale with intention. I exhale with conviction. I had once thought I wasted my talent. I once believed I lost my opportunities. I now know I cannot waste talent, only reduce its exposure. I accept my abilities and my capacity to share them. I waste nothing and choose instead to acknowledge the truth.

I experience doubt and fear as a human. I experience emotions I have difficulty accepting. I recognize that my brain can heal itself. I recognize that I must use all available resources to make this possible. I no longer need to choose between fight or flight. I am able to see the value of the moment.

Inhaling, I determine my worth. I determine I have talents to share with others. Exhaling, I have creativity to offer the world. I am willing to share. I am willing.

Continue to ruminate over the above …as you breathe, open your heart to the warmth of creative expression in whatever way it manifests. This is a personal journey. These are unique talents.

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