Exposed: It is what it is

For the last several weeks we have been waiting for a virus to be put upon us. To force us to pay attention. When it was somewhere else and someone else’s problem. But the problem is we are a world community. Borders have never stopped us from crossing them. We desperately tried to stop this one in our little sanitized and bleach wiped world. And yet one of my colleagues tested positive for Covid-19.

The news of this was emailed last night. Now students are in need of peace of mind. They’re already dealing with cabin fever having been told to stay home for a week with no class. They’re afraid of what this means for their own exposure. They are vulnerable and they feel it. We should feel vulnerable at this time.

They had to wait til they didn’t feel well to call out. Wait for results. They were just waiting. Maybe they actually started feeling better as the rest of us continued to go to work. Greeting the cafeteria ladies waiting to hand out packed breakfasts, then later, lunch. Walking hallways you may have to vacate for a month. Or more?

However I don’t want it to weaken our resolve. We are able to keep ourselves safe, and those around us, if we take mindful measures. We should hydrate. Eat well, not necessarily more. Find a space to dance. Meditate. Chant. Pray. Read. Write. Think.

Use wit instead of panic to guide you. We are more clever when we are creative and this is a great time to focus on the development of these types of solutions. Sometimes life forces us to slow down and take inventory.

Despite the cancellation of festivals and the postponement of weddings. Despite the possibility of a lockdown in your city or town. Celebrations can continue. Hope has a place here. Facts are crucial and the application of them with positive results should be recognized. We might not recognize this if we do not fall ill. We do not recognize what we cannot see.

Consider: What do you value now? How can you express these values in a creative and nurturing manner? What is important to you right now? How can you keep this reminder in your heart?


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