Respect the Virus 🦠

What do you think you’re going to outrun?

Felix is dead. He probably got it from his Aunt who was ill before anyone was paying attention back in March. She died. Then he died. Then his parents buried them and returned to Florida. Now his Mother is dead.

This is to the people who believe in their own immortality.

For those of us who have worked so hard to stay well and keep others safe, it’s a bitter pill to watch so many behave so disrespectfully. Not a thought for others safety. Steeped in vanity. Enough to risk a hair cut. And still I hear the news and know that another Black man is lynched and we are enduring a pandemic, biological warfare between the people and politicians.

It makes me sick.

The hope is not for all those ignorant people to get sick and experience the suffering they don’t believe exists; the desire is that the best of us emerge to speak truth to power. Even tell off your older cousin if they just don’t get it. Whatever it is, start with some self respect. Have a stubbornness for your own life. Stay put. Where is it that you have to go?

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