Abuelita: The Sorry is Sometimes Silent

I received this card yesterday for my birthday. It is a watercolor painting done by my grandmother Carmen Maria “Millie” Paradiso.

She was always an artist but I never saw her work until she retired and participated in some classes. At first I thought it was a hobby. But her work is amazing! I have several paintings framed on my wall.

What could sadden me is that I didn’t know the artistic women in my family. Her brother was an Engineer by trade but an innate artist. Much like my brother, both were naturally talented and were encouraged to harness those skills. Their paintings are also framed and hanging on the walls of our homes.

Still, the most special part of this card is the message my mother wrote inside. And that’s for me. There is forgiveness and love and respect housed in the paper of a painting from her mother who died almost 5 year ago. There could be no better time for this message.

There is distance in time and space but not in our hearts. 💕

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