Manic: Kanye West went South

I’d rather not write about it but then that tends to be the thing I tell myself and then I never write anything. I want to address Kanye West’s behavior at his so-called campaign rally.

I wouldn’t vote for that man if it was between him and the piece of paper. So I’m gonna take the dumb shit he said off of the table in regards to historically factual and sociologically relevant issues. What I do want to address are peoples reactions, some of which boasted fun at how emotionally volatile West appeared. It apparently became clear to others that he was having a manic episode associated with his bipolar diagnosis several years ago.

Being bipolar and experiencing bipolar symptoms is scary. Addressing any aspect of mental illness can be frightening because it’s not only you stepping into the unknown in terms of information but also in terms of experience. These experiences will not be controlled by you or the people around you. They will be reacted to and this is where privilege comes in. The context was Kanye West holding a rally for his presidential bid. Talk about late registration. Many people at this point would call into question any person attempting to begin a campaign in the middle of July months before voting.

Couple this with the things that he actually said during his speech and you understand that regardless of any mental illness, his comprehension and depth of knowledge does not go beyond being a person who is passionate about their opinions. Many of the things that he started to hold against his wife’s family are things that people had already said to him years ago. In articles, on Twitter, on Facebook, anywhere in the world that they could say it—even in a rap song they would mention Kanye is a genius juxtaposed against his need for power and proximity to whiteness and wealth.

Let’s be clear: KW was MAGA from jump, having meetings with Trump and these are reasons he was equated with the lead character from “Get Out”. His need to possess his wife who he was obsessed with prior to their marriage is another topic: turn a hoe into a housewife…but it seems they’re doing that for each other.

Sadly, after going on a Twitter rant about these same topics, he thanks Dave Chappelle for flying out to nowhere on his private jet to make sure he was okay. Okay? (DC was recently linked to rapper Azalea Banks, who has identified herself as BP1). He was fine when he decided to have a rally with no clear or actionable talking points. He was venting and he is able to do this because he has a platform. And money to erect the platform. Even if that platform is dust.

Celebrities and other people who identify as experiencing mental illness came to his defense. Much of the defense was in explaining that his behavior was a symptom of his bipolar disorder. So from this we’re supposed to be compassionate people. However, I do not believe KW or Trump or any man for that matter, needs explaining or defending when it comes to having the power to silence people and be put in a position to disenfranchise them. Over and over for generations we have discussed the health conditions under which a president and other politicians are placed. I mean you didn’t even want a woman to be in the White House because she might menstruate or have a hot flash. What a fucking ridiculous idea!

To Kanye’s point he was diagnosed late, and I understand the frustration with this experience. Yet there are so many young people who begin menstruating between the ages of eight and 15 and continue to do so for 30 to 40 more years…we think these people can’t “handle” challenges and therefore shouldn’t represent The People in politics. Such cognitive dissonance. Especially as we weaponize our health conditions against others. KW knows he has a serious condition and refuses medication. DT may or may not know he has a serious condition but its there regardless, and still we are supposed to call out ableist behavior and rhetoric as THE VERY SAME men use it against us. The crux of it is that BOTH are dangerous. Not just to themselves.

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