Suited (2015): Dressing Gender

Documentary available on Amazon Prime

If it’s never crossed your mind that the clothes you wear match your gender expression then you’re privileged.

1) Professional/Class Identifiable attire for job interviews and employment are important for anyone. It is even more critical for a non-binary or trans person to navigate this with the outcome being employment and maintaining reliable income.

2) Seeking traditional clothing as an untraditional person. Maintaining social norms through clothing allows people to act “in stealth” where they are “passing” as the gender they want to be seen as; or dressing traditionally for the gender they were born into. This incongruent behavior, or misalignment, causes a myriad problems in work situations when relating to someone socially is inauthentic or met with bigotry.

3) Body. Tailoring requires communication, a conversation. Measurements. Consciousness. Heightened sense of awareness. Fear. Relief.

4) No matter the age, body consciousness and negative self perception and sometimes body dysmorphia make these decisions even more challenging.

5) Weddings and other ceremonies! The best way to celebrate and enjoy your special day is in clothing that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Style should not be substituted for comfort. But sometimes we “clean up” and we feel damned good about who we are in that moment. And we can finally celebrate ourselves!

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