Talk Therapy: What I Haven’t Learned and Other Drugs

I know several people who see therapists. These are the things they have shared on social media about what they’ve learned. Many times you’ll see this as Therapy Tip #1,352.

Do you want to be in a relationship or do you just want to be loved obsessively by someone else?


Expectations lead to unattainable outcomes.


Racism and other bias based structures lead to stress. What are you doing for self-care?

Wearing a mask? All kinds.

It was definitely your parents fault but what are you gonna do about it now?

Who’s paying for this?

Now by no means do I disrespect the entirety of the profession of Psychology or anyone who requires therapies of any kind. But these are things that I have learned through other avenues. So they sound very common and practical. Things that take practice and repetition. This is a profession where people are paid specifically to listen to us and possibly be able to interpret and diagnose. This can take months and even years to get right. I feel the same degree of comfort in the fact on the underside of a Snapple bottle cap.

Here’s what my psych says:

Sometimes you just have to get up and bang your head against the wall and go in to work.


There’s an old vaudeville joke that says if you wake up and read the obituary and you don’t see your name…eat breakfast and go about your day.

But we don’t do talk therapy. We sometimes talk while I wait for my prescription.

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