Ganesha Cards #20: Protection

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

Protect your energy as you lift your vibration and frequency.

You begin to lift in vibration and frequency as you continue on your spiritual path. “Your energy body undergoes and essential transformation.” This might require that past pain emerge. Release limiting views of the self. It may feel like a deluge, but these confrontations of the past open the doors to the future.

When old pain shows up it may appear as a trigger. The natural inclination is to resist and be distracted by it. Respond with love.

Surround yourself with light. This is of your own imagining. You could ask Ganesha, any of the gods, your angels, or yourself to be surrounded by a beautiful energy. This energy can serve to release negativity.

You will continue to grow and evolve through these challenges. You will be protected by this energy that you culminate and regard with gratitude.

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