Ganesha Cards #13: Understanding

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

Clear vision is the gift of seeing with not only your physical eyes but also with your spiritual eyes.

According to Angela, the eye of Ganesha symbolizes the state of grace that is reached through your willingness to do your spiritual work in this lifetime.

The Eye holds the key to your higher consciousness and your gift of awareness. This awareness comes from the life lessons you reclaim. Look for the deeper meaning in what you perceive to be ordinary experiences. Observe.

The goal is to live in balance with your physical and spiritual bodies. Look at what you’re going through right now from a different perspective. Do not limit your thoughts and beliefs.

You are receiving an opportunity to move beyond your past. I have very much learned over the last year that the fear from my past, and the fear that is to come, serves a greater purpose.

Be free.

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