Ganesha Cards #34: Capacity to Love 💗

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

It takes courage to open up and heal areas of deep vulnerability.

We all have a longing to feel loved. In this need we may have exaggerated or paraded our qualities that we find most appealing to others, as we make shadows of our fears. This card is asking us to look at our root issues so that we may feel connected to our true self.

Angela reflects on the following: take a moment to look at how you are handling yourself. Are you being open and honest? Are you withdrawing from a situation? Are you masking a problem with some sort of avoidance tactic such as shopping, drinking, or eating excessively? Are you holding grudges?

Open your heart so that your actions match your words. This may help you respond to situations with less offense and make you emotionally available. You are responsible for who you are and what you believe. You love yourself more completely. Conflict does not resolve itself more easily simply because you have now opened yourself up, but how you perceive and approach and release the experience.

The elephant trunk is the focus of this Ganesha card. The elephant uses its trunk as a multi functioning tool. An elephant has the capability to handle a range of tasks from minute ones to those requiring great strength. Rely on your own vast array of abilities to tackle your problems and know that you are being supported in this process.

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