When You Want to Give Up on Your Dreams, Then You Watch a Holiday Movie

It crossed my mind to simplify. Separate your creativity from your job. What you do for employment does not necessarily have to be the outlet for other talents. Dreams. I thought, “I’m not as good as these other people. I don’t have to be validated for particular abilities. I just need to do something that doesn’t spike my anxiety. Something that pays bills.” I looked at jobs in dental offices.

Then I watched a film. Often I find something that ends up speaking to that nagging question in my heart, that’s moved its way into the repetition in my mind. After the movie I laughed, “oh, I’m not supposed to give up. Ha! Ok.” And then I moved on.

Not to a better passion. Not to some rejuvenating action. Just to the next thought. That the alchemy of patience, preparation, timing, opportunity, and networking will eventually get me to where I need to be. A little peace. Not giving up hard work. Just realignment of my spine.

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