Fiona Apple: Building Vocabulary 🌬🌊

Fiona Apple has been delivering music and poetry for decades. Her album, Tidal, released in 1996, was my introduction to Fiona’s perspective, often an exacting criticism on a human experience. I credit her, and Lauren Hill, for building a necessary vocabulary into their music, in particular first solo albums, that critique their lives and the world at large. Read the article linked below for a recent interview from the singer/ songwriter/musician/poet.

Fiona Apple on the album of the year, Grammys hypocrisy and how #MeToo helped her get sober

Sebastian saying I’m “a good man in a storm” was one of the high points in my life. Nobody saw me that way – they thought that I was the storm. So for Sebastian, who knows me really well, to say that, I felt seen. That’s the kind of thing I wanna believe about myself. And then Tony saying: “You’re pissed off, funny and warm” – that’s a really great compliment, I wanna see myself that way. That made me think back to this memory – any time I felt like the girls that I wanted to be friends with didn’t wanna be friends with me and I wanted to feel like there was somebody on my side, this girl leaning on the table and saying this to me would pop up in my head.

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