Ganesha Cards 3-card Spread: #16 Clear Your Energy, #18 Openness, #29 Positive Outlook

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

Past— move through your fears to bring on change.

Obstacles are clearing that have been impeding your progress. As these obstacles are removed there will be a shift in your consciousness. Destroy the old in order to create something new. This will allow you to move into a positive phase of freedom, and opportunity to be embraced. Continue to believe in yourself because the right outlook could go a long way.

Present— observe, evaluate, and make inquiries before forming a conclusion.

When the moon is waning it is a good time to begin to review goals & correct mistakes. Get rid of what is no longer working for you so that you may clear away excess and old energy. Whatever clutter you have accumulated needs focus on separation and removal. Listen to your heart and your inner voice. “Ganesha advises you to gain more information before you act.” Do not feel rushed or pressured to start these new projects. Be appreciative that you are prepared to participate and receive.

Future— how do you feel depends on your own mental attitude.

The many faces of Ganesha, depicted in the card above, reflect how you feel about the different aspects of your life –-spirituality, health, finances, relationship, and emotional well-being. This is neither about good or bad, but neutrality. “It is how you approach the situation that will determine your outcome.” Do not be controlled by your moods. Acknowledge how you feel. Name it. Sit with it. It may dislocate from you on its own. The more control one attempts to exert over natural reactions, the more depleted you are; after all, we are fighting ourselves in the end.

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