Ganesha Cards: #35 Personal Transformation

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

Your soul is assisting you with creating changes to align you with your life‘s purpose.

As you can see in this image “Ganesha is pointing to the heavens and encouraging you to be open to new ideas and the growth of your spirit. Listen to the still small voice within.”

You may have been feeling a strong desire to obtain or experience again a sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You might actually be making some significant adjustments right now. These shifts and changes are assisting you in the process of changing yourself from the old you to the new you. You will benefit from a fresh perspective.

This is a great place to begin honoring the person who you are truly meant to be. This will take the place of the routine that has had little meaning to you.

Eliminate what is not essential to your transformation. Sometimes our activities are buffers or distractions from what is important. However these obstacles will appear minor if you do not give up on your desired outcome. Allow these changes to happen and trust that what you desired to manifest will be.

This speaks to me personally because I am experiencing my own personal transformation. In my spiritual practice it is referred to as a human revolution, a great change that can occur within one person which inevitably impacts others. Although this happens every day, there are times when we must push through the karmic barriers that seem impossible to overcome. Impassible. As we get older, the duration of these transformations seem to take forever. Even when we are younger we want a quick fix. We desire that things bring us immediate gratification. However, there is much to be grateful for in not giving up on yourself.

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