The Changing Face of Ceremony

It is no surprise that in 2016 all couples have been given the federally recognized civil right to marry. This allows the state to recognize rights that were previously relegated to only a few. Although Domestic Partnerships are avalentine-romanticn option for all couples, they do not carry the same weights and responsibilities that marriage does. I believe they are both great ideas. I also believe these decisions to celebrate a relationship go way beyond the laws for which we vote. Making a positive commitment to a partner and (possibly) raising a family helps
to strengthen and bring together a community. It is a commitment that requires individuals to know who they are well enough to honor their partner no matter the difficulties and traumas they may face.bahamas-wedding-officiant-3

The changing face of ceremony includes the people who officiate. We are inter-generational. Seasoned and newly ordained. All of us can meet a coupnew_york_wedding_officiant_new_rochelleles’ various needs through several crucial conversations, but it is based on the traditional or non-traditional wants of the couple that will help them find the right officiant. Who is the right person to help them through this process? It is up to the couple to determine their wants and needs for their ceremonial day. They should consider the size and location of their wedding as well as whether or not they will be using a wedding planner or building their special day on their own. Even with a wedding planner, it is crucial that the couple meet with the priest, pastor, minister, sister, brother or imam prior to the ceremony. Get600x600_1338373160538-jamiesarahsweddingmay13th2010228ting to know the couple will make a huge difference in how they feel and reflect on their ordained commitment. The witnesses will get to know the couple better and learn things they may not have known. It is a time to affirm a new relationship and reaffirm the honest steps each person must take to create a loving home.Take the time to locate an officiant that can help make the day more than you thought possible.


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