cc46c1f91bbf8013a7cc2905a33f6e81Sufice it to say this book is about how your spousal relationship can be quantified and pay off if you are able to make certain sacrifices. These sacrifies are in terms of a couple’s ability to economize their partnership and support further growth when you’ve hit that fork in the road or border wall. (The book information can be found at the end of this review.)

This is a basic text, meaning it lays out the tenets that most marriage improvement books outline, however they take a strictly economics approach to dividing the responsibilities and facing the conflicts of mariage. However, they make several assumptions, one of which is sexual agency and expression and finances tend to be the top two that break people up. Their explanations are money comes before emotion and selfishness. They suggest why not have an orgasm if you can versus let him go to sleep horney and you go to sleep tired. Meanwhile you may just go to sleep tired from him having had sex with you. He may have gotten off and you may not have, so either way you have to work at it.

I have to excavate the assumptions that this is information people who need basic assistance in relationships can use. It can be looked at from a very functional, logistical perspective and then translating it into everyday life versus coming from an emotional or spiritual postion on love. Either way, each person has a part, or rather a portion to contribute.



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